2 Hour Podcast: The Course

Learn how to launch, grow and monetise your podcast in 2 hours a week

Podcasting can help grow your business, meet new people and share your story with your audience. But, it can be time consuming and hard to know where to start.I’ve figured out a way to create a high-quality show in less than 2 hours a week and this course will show you exactly how.Made by James McKinven.

The Course

What's included

2 hour podcast gives you a three-pronged attack to your podcast.1. A 1hr, 8 chapter video on how to start, grow and monetise
2. A step-by-step tutorial on how to do it, launching own podcast in the process
3. Podcasting Notion CRM for tracking and managing guests
4. Templates for guest outreach, sponsor outreach and show notes
5. Complete system for doing it all in 2 hours a week


Why buy the course

This mini-crash course into podcasting is going to save you months, if not years, learning how to start and run a podcast.Sure, you could search for YouTube tutorials and learn what I’m gonna teach you here, but here I’m going to save you the hassle.In just 2 hours I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to come up with your idea, produce a high quality show, grow and monetise it.

Why me?

Hi, I'm James! I’ve made hundreds of podcasts for myself and clients, I’ve run and monetised my own podcast Indie Bites and have figured out exactly how to optimise my workflow to publish an episode a week without even thinking about it.

2 hour podcast

What you get

2 hour podcast gives you a three-pronged attack to your podcast.

The theory

All of my knowledge on starting a podcast condensed into a 1hr video, without the fluff.

  • The unexpected benefits of podcasts

  • Creating your brand and setting up

  • Recording your show (remotely)

  • Promotion and growth

  • Finding an idea and format

  • Planning your production

  • A crash course on editing a podcast

  • The gear and software needed

  • Monetising from day one with sponsors

  • How and where to publish

The practice

I create a brand new podcast from scratch in 90 minutes.

  • Creating a concept and setting up a show

  • Recording the first episode

  • Publishing and promoting

The system

The essential Notion template system.

  • Notion podcast episode CRM

  • Planning and proposal templates

  • Sponsor and guest outreach scripts

A sneaky preview

Watch a free chapter to get a flavour for what's included.

How much?

So how much to transform your life with a podcast?$99Why $99? That’s how much I made in my first month as a podcaster. So if you follow this course, you’ll make it back in just one month 🤯All of my years of podcast knowledge poured out to you for the price of a night out. Treat yourself to a night in and turn yourself into a podcaster.

Hmm, I’m not sure I want to do a podcast?

If you’re on this page and you’ve not even considered it - but you’re intrigued, let me try and convince you.Podcasting is the single most important thing that has happened in my life. You’ll meet people you’ve always dreamed of speaking to. You’ll learn audio and video production skills that can earn you tens of thousands of extra freelance revenue (if you want). You’ll become an exceptional communicator. You’ll become a better writer. Oh, and you can make loads of money.

Ready to make your pod?

Not quite ready yet?

I've made a free 3-part mini email course for you which will give you the tools you need to get started.

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